Krypt Connect for DTrade

Krypt's DTrade solution for SAP GTS permits DDTC Integration for the U.S. Department of State. Submit to DTrade, receive responses from DTrade and automatically updates licenses in GTS

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See how Krypt has helped customers leverage HANA for SAP GTS Sanctioned Party List Screening. This on demand webinar reviews two customer case studies with SAP GTS SPL on HANA.

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How Krypt's client replaced legacy systems with SAP GTS

See how Krypt implemented and automated SAP GTS to replace life science company's outdated systems.

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Cloud-based Trade Management - are you ready?

Krypt Cloud for Trade Management.

  • Leverage the power and functionality of SAP GTS but with the ease and cost of a cloud-based solution
  • Only purchase the functionalities you need
  • With packages like SPL/DPL and Embargo, get off the ground in as little as ONE WEEK

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Duty Drawback Webinar co-hosted with SAP

Listen to Krypt Webinar to learn how:

  • How to comply with new duty drawback laws
  • What data you need and where it resides
  • Approaches to duty drawback with customer examples

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Tremco Case Study: Increase Savings and Ensure Compliance with Trade Preference Automation using SAP GTS

Learn how Krypt helped Tremco implement and leverage SAP GTS to comply with NAFTA and other preference programs. In this session review Free Trade Agreements (requirements, opportunities, and potential penalties) and take a deeper dive into automating compliance for FTAs using SAP GTS.

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Pharmaceutical Company Case Study: Filing Imports with a Customs Broker using SAP GTS

Krypt and SAP co-present on this webinar. In this webinar Krypt presents a case study in which one of our customers uses the broker model for their importing needs. This session examines the broker model implementation highlighting the solution, deployment and reviewing use cases with SAP GTS.

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CareFusion Case Study: Using Electronic Self Filing with SAP GTS

Krypt, SAP and CareFusion (a BD company) present on this webinar. Learn how CareFusion uses SAP GTS electronic self filing for their importing needs. This session will dive into CareFusion's use of self filing with SAP GTS including considerations, benefits, and challenges.

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User Experience Scenarios: Pairing SAP Fiori with Krypt's Fiori Apps

We know many organizations struggle to adopt SAP and thus are turning to SAP Fiori. To aid in this adoption, Krypt has built Fiori applications for SAP GTS and SRM. These applications have been deployed for a few of our enterprise clients. This webinar demonstrates the immediate value of SAP Fiori and how our customers are leveraging Krypt's GTS and SRM applications with Fiori.

View Now Denied Party List Screening demo

For the users out there, Krypt has created a new screening tool. With Krypt's SFDC based tool, see how you can screen business partners with a content upload, all through your instance!

Krypt's offering is built on the SFDC application platform and is available in the Salesforce App Exchange.

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Export Regulations Webinar with SAP GTS

Learn about handling U.S. Export Control Regulations with SAP GTS such as EAR, ITAR, and even some types of regulations that aren't normally done in GTS. Review advantages of SAP HANA with GTS 11.0 such as OFAC Sanctioned Party List screening with HANA Search Algorithm. Furthermore, understand the impact of simplification of foreign trade functionality from ECC to S/4HANA on legal control system landscape.

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Krypt Cloud Scenario: Your SAP Supply Chain on the Cloud

This webinar is co-presented with SAP. Krypt Cloud is a scalable, reliable, high-performing cloud environment for growing business needs or phased roll outs. Learn how SAP Supply Chain modules on the cloud opens up new avenues such as greater accessibility, quicker deployment, and improved agility. This webinar provides SAP GTS on the cloud as one example.

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Integrated Scenario Demo: ECC, EWM & TM Shipment

In this demo scenario, learn how SAP TM 9.0 and SAP EWM 9.0 are linked through SAP ERP to streamline processes. Krypt walks through an example in which we have also helped customers with a shipper outbound scenario with integrated transportation planning and warehouse execution.

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Integrated Scenario Demo: SAP ECC, TM & GTS

This integrated scenario demonstrates an international outbound transportation scenario in which Krypt creates seamless integration between SAP ECC 6.0, SAP TM 9.0 and SAP GTS. View this webinar to understand how we have helped customers create an integrated transportation and trade system.

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Invoice Integration with SAP GTS

Invoice Integration is one of the newest and most anticipated features to be added to SAP GTS. Understand the scenarios where this feature is best utilized and watch Krypt's demo of invoice integration within the global trade system.

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