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International Shipments with Customs Waybill


A bill of lading issued by the shipper has transportation information relevant to the movement of goods sent to an importer.  This information is important for the importer to begin the filing process for import, as well as other customs processes.

As part of the Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) functionality in SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) version 11.0, in the Customs Management Import area there is a new tab and document called the “Customs Waybill”.  Read More →

ATTN: SAP Intrastat Reporting Users

Signal Monitor Report

SAP S/4 HANA, a new business suite of applications built on advanced in-memory platform and designed on the most modern user experience (SAP Fiori), is definitely here to stay. SAP’s aim is to shrink and simplify the underlying data structures; in-memory database works best with wide tables. Tables that once were nested are now compressed.

Currently and in the near future, customers are and will be migrating into the S/4HANA platform thereby losing some of the functionalities in the traditional ERP system. Read More →

Meeting the LVS Exception using GTS

One Red Stop Light For Exception

Managing the LVS License Exception requires meeting some basic rules:

  • the single shipment of eligible commodities does not exceed the “LVS value limit” on the CCL
  • the exception is available for all destinations in Country Group B of the CCL
  • orders to the same ultimate or intermediate consignee must not exceed the annual limit

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Duty Drawback – Benefits and Challenges

Saving Money with Duties

Most US importers are familiar with duty. They pay duty (and applicable MPF/HMF) on many of their imported goods – particularly those that are not granted 0 duty by virtue of a free trade deal.

Unfortunately, too many companies consider this cost a “necessary cost of business” and simply plan for it in their budgets. These duties can represent anywhere from 1 or 2, up to double digit percentages of product value. This can have a serious impact on your bottom line! These costs could be reduced or eliminated, Read More →