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Challenges with the Modern Supply Chain

Krypt recently returned from the Annual Gartner Supply Chain Conference where we had a chance to attend and take part in various discussions and educational sessions. Inspired by the meaningful discussions, we are going to explore the challenges facing the modern supply chain.

Supply Chain Network Complexity, Customer Demand Expectations, and Lack of Visibility across the Supply Chain rank amongst the top 5 obstacles in achieving supply chain goals. Read More →

SPL Screening with SAP HANA Search

Amongst all the improvements in SAP GTS 11.0, Sanction Party List (SPL) might be the most affected existing functionality within SAP GTS. SAP HANA’s in-memory functionality means that key processes are experiencing improved performance – SPL search algorithm being a prime example. Read More →

Waived customs duties on zone to zone transfers

FTZ transfer

Foreign Trade Zones serve multiple purposes including managing transshipping operations and saving money on manufacturing processing fees. Typically companies use FTZs for exports. However, Foreign Trade Zones can also be used to take advantage of crossdocking and transferring goods from one FTZ to another – often referred to as zone to zone transfers ­- without paying Customs duties. Read More →

Deep Dive for Customs Assists


Lately we have seen many questions around customs assists. Assists are easily overlooked, but if the valuation of your goods are questioned or audited, Customs could penalize you.

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