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Transit Warehousing with SAP TM and SAP EWM

SAP TM EWM Transit Warehousing

The release of SAP Transportation Management 9.3 and SAP Extended Warehouse Management 9.3 brought about Transit Warehousing.

With transit warehousing you can seamlessly integrate the planned flow of goods in SAP TM and the physical flow of goods in SAP EWM over the entire transportation chain. Integration is based on execution documents resulting from forwarding orders. Read More →

Implementing SAP GTS to achieve AEO Status


What is AEO?

Authorized Economic Operator or AEO is a term used to refer to supply chain security programs which are governed by European Community law. The European Union created AEO regulations as a legal basis to the “Community Customs Code” (CCC) and its implementing provisions. Read More →

Blockchain Traceability for the Supply Chain


Blockchains use distributed ledger technology to create a permanent and shared record of every transaction associated with an asset. Each record is time-stamped and attached to the event before it. Blockchains are changing our perception on a few key supply chain areas including traceability, optimization and demand. Read More →

Deciphering Global Trade Acronyms


Global Trade Acronyms

Anyone working in the Supply Chain space knows all too well how many acronyms can get thrown around in the day-to-day trade and supply chain world. It can be overwhelming and at times it can feel like folks are just making up new acronyms as they go. We are compiling a list of commonly used acronyms in the international trade community. This list is not all-inclusive but we hope it serves as a good reference. Read More →